Making sure everyone gets home safe.


The whole reason we exist is to keep people from harm’s way and that will never change. Whether it’s our customers or our people, they come before everything else.

When it comes to your equipment and best practices in the UK, we’ve got it covered.


We really do care

We’re actually pretty excited to be reliable!  It means the highest quality inspection. On time. Every time. Whatever the assignment. We pride ourselves on being where we’re needed, when we’re needed. That’s just our thing.  Whether you’re a small farm or a food and drink manufacturer Vulcan Inspection Services will have the right inspection solution for you.

Our team of more than 400 engineer surveyors and consultant engineers are the best in the industry. Their drive and passion for what they do means they’ll do everything they can to keep Britain working, increasing plant and equipment safety and, in turn, their lifespan.

On hand at every stage

We’re proud to be Vulcan Inspection Services and to us that stands for the highest quality assessments, rigorous inspection and detailed reporting, with no compromise, ever. We’re all about enhanced surveying combined with excellent (you might say refreshing) service and logistics.

Prior to purchase

We can carry out an impartial, factual and objective assessments and pre-assessments of equipment to ensure it is suitable and safe for its intended use, regularly inspected and maintained in a safe condition

Design and manufacturing

As an independent accredited body we can review these designs in detail before they can be used to progress the build of the item, to ensure it is both safe and fit for purpose

Select and installation

Our machinery consultants help complete important checks once a new item is almost ready for use

Fit for purpose

Our post commissioning engineer surveyors spend time ensuring your plant and equipment continues to be both safe and fit for purpose


Our engineer surveyors complete statutory inspections to keep your equipment safe and prolong its life

End of life

We provide technical advice on whether plant or equipment should be decommissioned or whether its lifespan can be extended

supporting your sector

Property owners

From a small block of flats to a large country estate, we’ve got it covered.  We can tailor our inspection process around the needs of your business. On top of your inspections schedule, we provide consultancy services such as Legionella testing and Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) for portable electrical items. Here are just a few of the many, many items that property owners will need to have inspected:

Café steam boiler, Dumb waiter lift, Electric, Service or Scissor lift, Hot water heating installation, Pallet truck, Passenger and/or Goods lift, Steam boiler, Steam cleaner, Working/Access Platform



You might be a small boutique hotel, a country house retreat or a large hotel with conference facilities and a swimming pool. Whatever the size or shape of your business we work closely with you to keep your machinery and equipment safe and legally compliant. Did you know that one of the most commonly overlooked items for inspection within the Hospitality sector is the café steam boiler? (Otherwise known as the cappuccino machine).  Here are some of the other items that need inspecting in the world of hospitality:

Café steam boiler, Dock Leveller, Dumb waiter lift, Electric, Service or Scissor lift,  Electrical wiring installation, Fork Lift Truck, Hot water heating system, Local exhaust ventilation plant (which is also commonly found in use during the application of acrylic nails!), Pallet truck, Passenger and/or Goods lift, Refrigeration plant, Steam boiler, Steam cleaner, Steam jacketed pan, Steam tube oven, Tailboard loader, Working/Access platform


Farms and estates

Did you know that as a farmer if you use lifting equipment to lift or lower a load it may need inspecting under the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations? If the machine is lifting people, and they don’t just have to work for you,  and there is any risk that they could be injured, the machine should also be inspected at regular intervals.

We’re flexible and realistic – we won’t try and inspect your equipment when you need it most.  We’ll work with you to work up an inspection schedule that not only meets your needs, but keeps you doing what you need to, safely and legally.  Below are just a few pieces of equipment that needs inspecting that you might find around your farm:

Air Receiver, Café Steam boiler, Electrical wiring installation, Excavator, Fore end loader, Fork lift trick, Fork lift truck attachments, Gas storage vessel, Lifting jack, Lifting tackle, Loading shovel, Local exhaust ventilation plant, Skid steer loader, Steam boiler, Steam cleaner, Telescopic handler, Telescopic handler attachments, Vehicle lifting table, Winches/hoists


Food and drink manufacturing

We know that if you’re involved in this industry, keeping your plant and equipment safe is just one of the many things you’re responsible for. So, we want to make this as easy for you as possible.  We work with you to avoid disruption and can even complete your inspections out of hours if that works for you best.  Whether it’s undertaking a thermographic inspection of your composite panels or inspecting the plant in your poultry shed between flock cycles, we make sure we understand your needs. If you have any of the following, just speak to your local NFU Mutual Agent about how to obtain a quote for our services:

Air receiver, Café steam boiler, Conveyor or elevator, Crane tracks, Dock leveller, Electric overhead track, Electric, service or scissor lift, Electrical wiring installation, Fore end loader, Fork lift truck, Fork lift truck attachments, Gas storage vessel, Hot water heating installation, Hydraulic press brake, Jib/Pillar crane, Lifting jack, Lifting tackle, Loading shovel, Local exhaust ventilation plant, Lorry loader crane, Lorry mounted fork lift truck, Pallet truck, Passenger and/or goods lifts, Power press, Refrigeration plant, Roller shutter doors, Runway tracks, Skid steer loader, Steam boiler, Steam cleaner, Steam jacketed pan, Steam tube oven, Tailboard loader, Telescopic handler, Telescopic hander attachment, Vehicle lifting table, Winches/hoists, Working access platform


Retail and wholesale

The Retail sector is one of the biggest employers in the UK employing around 3 million people. With so many employees to look after, we can give you complete peace of mind that plant and machinery is safe. These are the types of equipment commonly found in the retail and wholesale sector which might need inspecting:

Air Receiver, Café steam boiler, Conveyor or Elevator, Crane tracks, Dock leveller, Dumb waiter lift, Electric overhead travelling crane, Electric, Service or Scissor lift, Electrical wiring installation, Fork lift truck, Hot Water Heating Installation, Lifting jack, Lifting tackle, Lorry loader crane, Pallet truck, Passenger and/or Goods lift, Refrigeration plant, Roller shutter door, Runway tracks, Steam autoclave, Steam boiler, Steam cleaner, Steam jacketed pan, Steam tube oven, Tail board loader, Telescopic Handler, Vehicle lifting table, Winches/hoists, Working/access platform

We’re more than qualified

We take risk seriously, very seriously.  Our parent company, British Engineering Services, carries some impressive credentials – for you it means complete peace of mind that you’ve chosen the most robust assurance of best practice.

If you’d like to see the complete list of accreditations visit our group website.

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