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We love getting out and about and meeting our customers Which meant we were thrilled to attend the recent National Farmers Union (NFU) hosted farm event in Cheshire!

Our very own Melissa Boyes, Geoff Butters, and Emma Rimmer spent the evening meeting with our NFU reps, NFU Mutual Agents and farmers to talk more about the importance of keeping on top of statutory inspections, and how Vulcan Inspection Services can help to keep machinery and equipment safe and operational with a thorough schedule of inspections.

Melissa and Geoff also spoke to the attendees about the regulations that directly impact farmers and the wider agricultural industry,  a topic which many can find confusing.

After tucking into the BBQ, kindly put on by the NFU, our team took to the floor (which just so happened to be in a working machinery storage barn), to chat through the relevant legislation in more detail.

Melissa shared a bit of background about Vulcan Inspection Services, its history, and how we have worked directly with NFU Mutual customers for over 25 years to keep them compliant with a suite of the very best inspections.

Geoff shared his expertise with the attendees by speaking about the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations, (LOLER) a regulation that farmers often aren’t aware affects them, when in fact it does He explained that anything from lifting equipment, overhead cranes and goods and passenger lifts to telehandlers, forklifts, and lifting accessories fall under LOLER, and what this regulation means for customers.

The questions came in thick and fast, and Melissa and Geoff were more than happy to share their expert knowledge on everything farmers need to ensure their machinery is compliant and safe.

How We Can Help

At Vulcan Inspection Services, we’re committed to helping farmers manage their risk and compliance. Everything we do has been tried and tested, and we’re proud to have been working with NFU Mutual for over 25 years to make the UK farming industry a safer place.

Safety is our number one priority and is the reason we do what we do.

During the event, Melissa and Geoff also spoke more about one of our innovative services they can take advantage of – our Mini Farm product

This product is perfect for small farms with less than 5 assets that need inspecting, and we offer a fixed price offer for those with 5 or fewer assets. We’ll work around you, always doing whatever suits you and your business best.

We had a wonderful time visiting the event, meeting our NFU reps and NFU Mutual Agents and talking to a whole host of local farmers – we can’t wait to attend even more!

For more information on our range of services, contact Melissa Boyes, Vulcan Inspection Services Account Director on 01789 265355.

Leave nothing to chance with Vulcan Inspection Services.

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There’s no doubt that it’s been a tricky time for pubs and bars over the last 15 months.  With lock down restrictions starting to relax, however, and a number of high-profile sporting events back on the table, things are finally looking up.

With the UEFA Euro 2020 championship now in full swing, it certainly looks like people across the whole of the UK are taking the opportunity to watch the home nations with a pint (or two) at their ‘local’.  So much so that The British Beer and Pub Association forecast that almost 15 million pints would be sold on the day of the Scotland, England clash in the two countries last week, with 3.4 million pints being sold during the actual game itself!

With things just heating up on the summer sports front and several weeks of the football still ahead of us, it’s likely pubs, bars and restaurants etc will be making the most of the opportunity.  And this, of course, has a knock-on effect on our breweries and distilleries.  After a quieter period, they’ll be working hard to keep up with increased demand meaning the efficiency and effectiveness of their machinery is absolutely key…

And that’s where we come in.  At Vulcan Inspection Services, through our partnership with National Farmers Union Mutual (NFUM), we work with breweries and distilleries all over the UK and Ireland to help keep their plant and equipment safe and productive.  Our team of skilled Engineer Surveyors complete the most thorough programme of statutory inspections on all of the relevant machinery, including lifting equipment and pressure systems, to ensure they’re safe for ongoing use and fit for purpose.

We want our breweries and distilleries to be able to meet their customers’ needs just as much as they do.  Failing plant and machinery can result in unavoidable production downtime, just when demand is at its highest.  And when it comes to replacing failing or aging industrial equipment, lead times can be lengthy, sometimes taking weeks or even months to get things back up and running at full capacity.  Not what your need when you’re trying to keep the nation ‘refreshed’!

Not only that, when operating machinery of this nature, when it goes wrong, it could really go wrong, and we all know if can’t be left to chance.  Not only is it a legal requirement for breweries and distilleries to ensure their machinery and equipment inspections are up to date, but it could help prevent a serious injury, or worse.

And with another England game just around the corner (and the potential sale of another 15 million pints) staying on top of machinery maintenance is much more than a nice to have for our breweries and distilleries.

For more information about how we support our brewery and distillery customers, click here.