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Tag: inspections

At Vulcan Inspection Services, we’re committed to keeping breweries brewing with the very best inspection services, making sure that our customers’ critical machinery is legally compliant, operational, and, most importantly, safe for their people to use.   


We work closely with NFU Mutual to understand how we can assist craft brewers in keeping their machinery and plant compliant, and from inspecting second-hand distillery equipment to carrying out Prior-to-Purchase exams, we put our customers and their equipment first, always.   

This is why we’re so thrilled to have the opportunity to sponsor We Are Beer this year once again, with the exciting addition that we’re also sponsoring their Raise the Bar competition too! This means that we’ll be able to meet even more people from across the UK to spread the word about the importance of breweries and distilleries keeping up to date with the relevant regulations and inspections to stay safe.   

Our team had a fantastic time at their first event of the year on Friday the 16th of June, and enjoyed having the chance to speak to brewers and distillers from across the nation about their machinery, equipment, and the regulations that affect them.   

Melissa Boyes, Account Director at Vulcan Inspection Services with years of experience in working alongside NFU Mutual to support craft breweries in the UK, attended the event with members of the NFU Mutual team.   

During the event, Melissa was able to put her expert knowledge to the test when she was asked to sit on the tasting panel for the Raise the Bar competition, where the best up-and-coming brewers in the country competed for the chance to come and share their beer at each of the Bristol, Manchester, and London festivals.  

Afterwards, she had a brilliant time meeting with the winners and asking them some questions about what this event meant to them.   

Melissa said, “It’s been a fantastic few weeks sitting as a judge on the tasting panel and then having the opportunity to meet the winners at the Bristol Craft Beer Festival. We work closely with NFU Mutual to understand how we can assist craft brewers in keeping their plant and machinery compliant, and this event provided an excellent opportunity to meet them for the first time.”  

The recent festival in Bristol was just the start of this year’s line-up, and we’re looking forward to meeting even more brewers and attendees at We Are Beer’s Manchester event on the 21st and 22nd of July, and their London Craft Festival on the 11th and 12th of August. Come and join us in discussing your requirements, and of course sampling beers from some of the best up-and-coming breweries in the UK, by registering here.

Have you recently purchased second-hand brewing or distillery equipment? Or perhaps you just want to make sure your farming equipment is safe and compliant with the regulations that affect you? No matter what, Vulcan Inspection Services are here for you.  

Get in touch with one of our experts today, who will be more than happy to discuss your requirements and our solutions with you, by filling out the form below. 




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Tag: inspections

Tag: inspections

Don't take a chance when it comes to your cafe steam boiler inspections.  Read our short document for more information.

Tag: inspections

Tag: inspections

Watch this short video for more about how the Paul Forrester Training Centre is supporting our industry leading (and award winning) approach to training.

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There’s no doubt that it’s been a tricky time for pubs and bars over the last 15 months.  With lock down restrictions starting to relax, however, and a number of high-profile sporting events back on the table, things are finally looking up.

With the UEFA Euro 2020 championship now in full swing, it certainly looks like people across the whole of the UK are taking the opportunity to watch the home nations with a pint (or two) at their ‘local’.  So much so that The British Beer and Pub Association forecast that almost 15 million pints would be sold on the day of the Scotland, England clash in the two countries last week, with 3.4 million pints being sold during the actual game itself!

With things just heating up on the summer sports front and several weeks of the football still ahead of us, it’s likely pubs, bars and restaurants etc will be making the most of the opportunity.  And this, of course, has a knock-on effect on our breweries and distilleries.  After a quieter period, they’ll be working hard to keep up with increased demand meaning the efficiency and effectiveness of their machinery is absolutely key…

And that’s where we come in.  At Vulcan Inspection Services, through our partnership with National Farmers Union Mutual (NFUM), we work with breweries and distilleries all over the UK and Ireland to help keep their plant and equipment safe and productive.  Our team of skilled Engineer Surveyors complete the most thorough programme of statutory inspections on all of the relevant machinery, including lifting equipment and pressure systems, to ensure they’re safe for ongoing use and fit for purpose.

We want our breweries and distilleries to be able to meet their customers’ needs just as much as they do.  Failing plant and machinery can result in unavoidable production downtime, just when demand is at its highest.  And when it comes to replacing failing or aging industrial equipment, lead times can be lengthy, sometimes taking weeks or even months to get things back up and running at full capacity.  Not what your need when you’re trying to keep the nation ‘refreshed’!

Not only that, when operating machinery of this nature, when it goes wrong, it could really go wrong, and we all know if can’t be left to chance.  Not only is it a legal requirement for breweries and distilleries to ensure their machinery and equipment inspections are up to date, but it could help prevent a serious injury, or worse.

And with another England game just around the corner (and the potential sale of another 15 million pints) staying on top of machinery maintenance is much more than a nice to have for our breweries and distilleries.

For more information about how we support our brewery and distillery customers, click here.

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To all our customers and brokers, past, present and future

British Engineering Services remains fully operational serving all our customers where they still require our services during these difficult times.

The HSE (and HSA) have confirmed that there is no derogation of regulations that apply to our sector.  On that basis, we should continue to operate business as usual within the guidance provided from HSE/HSA and the Government.  SAFed considers the Inspection and Conformity industry as serving all sectors listed within the latest Government publication and therefore considers the work of its member companies as essential public services such that their staff are deemed to be key workers.

Our industry should be supporting the efforts of key services and suppliers in the UK and it was surprising to hear that some of our competitors had withdrawn services for a period.

We are the only Inspection business that specialises in our industry in the UK and Ireland and our priorities and commitment to our people and customers are clear.

The key for us is to keep on serving our customers, to keep them operational especially key services such as Hospitals, Utilities, food chain, key manufacturers, emergency services, care homes, schools, local authorities and so on. We also recognise that some customers do not want us in during these times and of course we will continue to support them once things return to normal.

It is vital that in a time of such crisis that we recognise how important our part is in keeping things moving and keeping people safe.

We must stick to Government guidelines and again these may change further over the coming days and weeks. Again, we will implement in line with these at all times. We will keep reviewing what is safe and what isn’t and update you regularly.

This business has survived two world wars, a 1996 bomb attack outside its Head Office in Manchester and many global economic recessions during its 160-year history. Throughout we have served our customers and kept Britain and Ireland functioning safely. As long as we adhere to Government guidelines then I am sure that we will come through this pandemic stronger and fitter. We will keep performing in these difficult times.

I am absolutely proud of what we do, and I don’t want to let down other key workers by not being able to support them.

We have seen a small increase in customer appointment cancellations, but these have been offset by existing customers asking us to do more and new customers asking for help. We have received many compliments from customers and brokers over the last week about our service and our relationship management.

I am not a political animal, but I must say that our Governments in the UK and Republic of Ireland are leading brilliantly. We must support their efforts and keep Britain and Ireland safe and where possible or essential keep them working safely.

We work with fantastic customers and brokers who have always supported us, and we will continue to support them through this crisis.

Best regards,

Stewart Kay
Group CEO
British Engineering Services Group
5 New York Street, Manchester M1 4JB