Overcoming the challenges for Langfields

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British Engineering Service has been working with Langfields, an experienced fabricator of exotic Stainless Steels, for a number of years.  We have provided the manufacturers with a huge range of support as they work to deliver for their customers.  Our testing department was recently approached to work alongside the fabricator on a high profile project with a number of challenges.

The challenge

The project included the resting of welds on site using radiography.  This was to be completed in an environment where radiation levels are monitored and maximum levels stipulated.  No fluid was allowed in the area of work, for example, x-ray set cooling and processing chemicals.

The solution

To overcome the issues, the team used an air cooled set and Computed Radiography.
Computed Radiography (CR) provides the digital equivalent of the conventional X-ray film while simultaneously providing the enormous advantages of virtually eliminating consumables.  In addition, the time to produce an image is reduced considerably.
Trials took place to ensure all quality requirements could be met and everyone involved in the project supported the use of the new innovate techniques proposed.
It also provided the cost saving bonus that the third party inspectors could be e-mailed the CR images for remote review.  In addition the digital images can easily be archived and shared freely with others, regardless of their location.
The project was completed over a 12 month timescale with all milestones hit and all welds completed.