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Renewable Energy Anaerobic Digestion

At Vulcan Inspection services, we’re proud of our innovative approach and make sure we stay close to industry trends so that we can always meet the needs of our customers.

Renewable energy Anaerobic Digestion is being used more and more in the world of agriculture.  The process involves the break down of organic waste during composting and takes place in carefully engineered and controlled oxygen free environment. This produces bio-gas which can then be combusted to generate heat or electricity. The result is a cost effective, green source of renewal energy used by small-scale combined heat and power (CHP) plants.

Our team of technical specialists are experts when is comes to legislation, making sure we keep our customers and their plant and machinery safe at all times.   Anaerobic Digestion plants are covered by two European Directives for controlling explosive atmospheres know as the ATEX Directive. Plant operators are required to identify different ‘zones’ depending on risk, under this legislation.  These zones are then subject to inspections from independent bodies such as Vulcan Inspection Services.

Any other work equipment involved in this complex process is covered by the usual regulations, making it even more important to make sure you’re working with a partner that really knows it’s stuff!

We’d love to talk to you about this in more detail, just get in touch and we’ll make sure you know everything you need to when it comes to staying safe and legally compliant.

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