Welcoming Reiss to the Vulcan Inspection Services Team

We were delighted to welcome Reiss Griffiths to the Vulcan Inspection Services Team earlier this month and he'd love to introduce himself to you...

“Hi all, I am the Sales and Relationship Manager for Vulcan inspection Services. I have spent the early stages of my career in a variety of sales focused roles and am delighted to have joined the Vulcan Inspection Services Team. I studied a Degree at the University of Chester, leaving with a BA honours in Education studies with Theology and Religious studies. I then spent some time in the Education and Training sector, where my true passion for sales emerged.

My initial graduate role as a Sales Executive gave me a solid foundation of experience and knowledge when engaging with stakeholders, shareholders, clients and businesses. As I furthered my understanding of the importance of providing quality Information, advice and guidance and started to strengthen my ability to harness excellent customer relationships and rapport, I became more aware of exactly how I wanted to further my career. And let’s just say, I am loving it!

Many of my passions, including martial arts, musical theatre performance and also being involved in my share of church music bands when growing up; have seen me engaging with lots of people, meaning a people facing role was second nature to me. That is why I find myself here today working with this wonderful team, striving towards making Britain (and the agricultural industry) a safer place.

I am excited to enter into a new sector (for me anyway). Agriculture is so important to our infrastructure and daily survival, so having the opportunity to support these businesses, helping them remain safe and sustainable organisations’ is what makes this role perfect for me. I look forward to getting out in the industry and meeting as many people as possible over the coming weeks.”