Re-starting your pressure system after a period of downtime? Don’t take chances…

Pressure systems are essential kit for many businesses and cover everything from boilers to industrial refrigerators, and whole lot in between.  And they’re not just used in the hospitality sector either, you’ll find them in dry cleaners, factories and even schools and nurseries (and many, many more).

Following on from a pro-longed period of ‘downtime’ for so many, the HSE have recently issued guidance about how to safely re-start a pressure system.  And it’s essential this is followed.  A pressure system can become unsafe if it is hasn’t been used for a while and if it fails, it could be catastrophic – that’s a risk that none of us are willing to take.

We’re here to help…

At Vulcan Inspection Services, we really know our stuff.  We’re on hand to help make sure your business gets back to flying start by ensuring you’re safe and legally compliant.  Our team of experts know everything there is to know about your pressure systems so that you don’t have to.  They can carry out a series of checks to make sure you’re good to go.  And if we find a defect, such a crack, here’s an example of what we can do to help:

  • We’ll tell you we don’t think your boiler is safe so that you can lock it off until it’s fixed
  • Once you’ve arranged for the repair work to be done, we can review the proposed repair welding procedures and welder qualifications before the work takes place to ensure you remain compliant
  • Our experts can then complete an interim Non Destructive Testing (NDT) Examination after the defect has been removed to ensure all cracking etc. has been removed successfully and additional problems have not been caused during the repair process. Once the repair is complete the final NDT examination can be carried out.
  • We can then review NDT findings and witness the pressure testing of the repaired boiler, allowing sign off by the competent person and continued safe operation of the boiler
  • Finally, we can talk to you about the best ways to keep your boiler safe going forward

Keeping you safe and legally compliant

The Pressure Systems Safety Regulations (PSSR), clearly outline what you need to do to make sure your pressure equipment is safe all of the time and not just after a prolonged period of downtime.  Our technical specialists know everything there is to know about all of the relevant regulations and guidelines, helping make sure you stay safe and legally compliant…now and always.  Leave nothing to chance with Vulcan Inspection Services.

To see the recent HSE guidance click here.